I generally consider lampwork beads as my nemesis. Whether bumpy, flowery or  dotty, with foil or not, I don't really care for them much. The aesthetics and proportions  generally tend to be what I consider either unbecoming or  unworkable for myself, although to my reoccurring amaizement and delight, other people seem to be quite able not only to design with them, but also to wear them. I have to admit I've frequently and loudly complained about the bumpiness, floweriness and dottiness of lampwork beads to beading friends and acquaintances. They are starting to get tired of it, I guess, as I have been given a few utterly lovely ones.

Hence, I've found I love some lampwork beads, but I'm still struggling with composing them into jewelry.


My first lampwork bead ever was a present from Maikki of Helmitaulu. Dainty was completed by sterling silver parts and 4mm black Jablonex. I made this just before Christmas, so the sterling has taken a bit of patina already. I think a semi-dark patina will suit this one very well.


This Feathery one I was given by Lea, a friend in bead with an awesome eye for colour and proportion. I strung it together with palest baby blue fresh water pearls I got from another friend  to bring out the purples and some Bali silver beads duplicating the featheriness of the glass bead. Somehow, the necklace reminds me of an albino peacock.


Gusty was also given to me by Lea, and it is divine. Also horribly hard to work with, I spent a good few hours in ordering matching seed beads and trying different compositions to make the lampwork bead shine. In the end I had a nice rummage in my bead stash and found these matte dark sapphire 4mm glass beads. They don't match at all, and that, as well as their matte surface makes them disappear to the beackground very pleasantly. I then only needed to add a couple of complimenting Bali silver beads to compliment the design of the glass bead and give a little light.

I'm so greatful for having such awesome and talented friends. Another of the wonderful blessings of this silly little hobby.