I got me some new photography equipment. Namely, a lightbox, formerly known as some lightweight white plastic box with a metal frame that I happened to notice on sale in a local stationary and crafting shop while I was really looking for some envelopes. I got me some envelopes, too, so I didn't wholly botch the expedition.

Said box is just a box at the mo, but I'm seriously planning on adding lights. I tried it out today, though, as the sun was shining most amicably and I figured I'd test the reflectiveness of the plastic surface. Ta-dah!

Flapper was made of 6mm and 8mm Jablonex firepolished glass beads and a random gathering of 6-10mm white freshwater pearls, which were stranded together with 24g sterling wire.

As you can see from this detail, the pearls are b to c class ones although there is a nice shine to them, and I've put this string together a while ago as there is a nice natural patina to the silver.

The detail also allows a peak to the box in the upper left corner: the material beneath the necklace is your regular print paper.

The sun's going down for today, so I didn't get a chance to test with a technique a colleague suggested yesterday, that is foiling the box with aluminium foil. I'll leave that for the next photography inspiration. But all in all, I have to say that this boxing thing already agrees with my silly wee camera, the shine of white pearls as well as the cut and pattern of the facets comes out much more nicely than previously.