I've been seriously bitten by the beading bug. However, sometimes the enthusiasm is seriously curbed by the reality of what all is required of one to make pretty.

Case 1:


Changeling was supposed to be a fast wee project of beads-on-wire. I had three petite strings of minuscule but bold 5-7mm andalucites, which shift deliciously between forest greens and blushed pinks. It took some 3-4 hours to put it together in the end. Lots of measuring and conical holes too small for .14" wire were involved, but the end result is quite worth the effort. Silverplated Soft-Flex, sterling, andalucites.

Case 2:


I was so inspired by Swarovski's new shade crystal verde that I ordered a couple of specimens on the first glimpse. I figured, put them together, you can't go wrong. Right? However, once I got this Wintergreen (Monestes uniflora) inspired necklace together, it was just a little off. The square is not only darker than the bicones, but totally different shades are accentuated. I loved the Wintergreen-part of it, though. So I rummaged around a bit, found a pretty Hill Tribe leaf.


Voilà. Wintergreen turned into a White Waterlily (Nymphaea candida), lyrical, organic and lovely.


Nymphaea something at the Botanical garden in Helsinki.