My brother-in-law is getting married. The groom's smashing, the bride rocks, and they've been an item since the late 90's. Ie there's nothing they or their house is wanting. Ergo, the pretty much only thing they don't own yet is a set of matching sportswear.

I freely admit, I know nothing about sportswear. In fact, for a month now, I've been trying to figure out where on earth one buys sports bras.  Which means, the idea of matching whatever must transcend to jewelry. She loves turquoise, he wears black, and they're both seriously into the whole hard rock scene. So, just in case they ever need a matching semi-formal attire, for, say, a christening or something...

Match 4 life is a set of a necklace for her and a tie pin for him. 6 mm faceted  freshwater pearls in dark turquoise to black hues, and sterling parts.

It seems that giving jewelry as prezzies is a really good strategy to focus on something else than worrying about one's clothes.