I wish I had more time to fuddle with pearls and silver and stuff, but for some strange reason just wishing it does not really make it happen. Thus, I've prioritized: I mean, who really needs clean dishes anyway. Builds up your immune system and such, to eat finger foods practically off the floor.  The trouble is, of course, I never did  the dishes  vigorously or enthusiastically  in the first place, which means not much time has been magically produced  in this manner.

Which follows, that subsequent necklaces are of the simplest design.


Clouds. Gigantic bubbly white fresh water peanut pearls and three feet of sterling chain.


Or maybe its sheep disguising themselves as clouds... Sheep are pretty sneaky, you know. Or maybe they're so sneaky you don't know.


Waterlilies. Same construction technique, but with inch-long mauve biwas and figure-8 chain.

I lurrrve these, they're organic and simple, light but chunky, fun yet elegant. Awesome summer look with t-shirts and light tops.

I also dove to my treasure box, and found my most expensive round 6mm beads ever.  I got these from a sale a couple of years ago, knew exactly what I wanted to do with them. And have sat promptly on that thought since.




Life in all its colours is just tourmaline and sterling. Watermelon tourmaline, Afghan tourmaline, Tundra and Black tourmaline. Nothing complicated, but the colours flow like poetry.