There comes, I've been repeatedly assured, in every girls life an occasion that requires the acquisition of a handbag. And not any old flimsy handkerchief-credit card-and-key bearing purse-like model either, but one of those one inevitably will ditch the comforts of a backpack for. I've been led to believe this occasion generally strikes your averge female by the late teens, coinciding quite often with the adoption of impossibly impractical shoes. I was required to purchase one of these carry-all devices as my bouclé-suited profile went somewhat off the intended effect with the addition of my beloved backpack, and I began to see the preferability of being the tiniest bit lopsided to being quite prominently hunchbacked.

Thus I acquired a Handbag. Which I love. It goes with pretty much anything, carries pretty much anything and does it well from breakfast to nightcap. All that was required was a bit of jewellery that matches the Handbag.


Multipass is a very traditional knotted pearl necklace and bracelet set from the bestest freshwater pearls I have ever had the pleasure to own. There very round light steel peacock potato pearls are about 6mm. I knotted them with a charcoal size E silk, and finished the set with a sterling silver clasp.