I'm not a Christmas lover, at least not to the extent than some of my acquaintances. I've always preferred the New Year, cause it's all about fun and light and friends. However, I do love Christmas pageants and stories and that magical unreality of things that happens somewhere beyond the food, decorations and gifts and all that hurly-burly that must be endured before the abovementioned happen.

Thus, when "Christmas" was the chosen Helmetti monthly theme, I put my Nutcracker on and thereby, Sugar-Plum fairy was born.

The birthing process was somewhat timeconsuming, as the largest bead, the center freshwater pearl, is 7mm in diameter. Sterling silver parts, B-class faceted rubies, peridot and amethyst, few freshwater pearls and a couple of yards of 28ga silver wire and voilà. 'Tis Christmas in a spirit that'll take me all the way to January.