I miss summer and warmth and sunshine so much. And leisurely strolls in the park and the smell of fresh grass. Enjoying sea and sand and holiday. You get the drift. And all of that loveliness which will not happen in the vicinity either spatial or diachronic was on my mind constantly during the weekend, as my body fought against yet another bug. No better excuse to whittle the time with handi-craft than a nice thought-muddling and body-crippling flu.
Linden I made of olivine 4mm druks, chech pressed glass leaf beads and some sterling. It's a sort of a form between a necklace and a lariat, the clasp can be attached wherever among the leaves.

is simplicity in itself. Sterling silver and a half a hank of the most beautiful seedbeads, the colour really is a most exquisite heathered pale mauvish lavender tinged with gold.  I got these by accident when I had ordered light amethyst, but I never complained; instead, I've been sitting on them thinking I have to figure out something where they shine. I guess there's nothing like a bit of temperature to give you that extra courage and a straightforward no-nonsense approach.