tiistai, 6. lokakuu 2009

Long time, no see.

Life took over a while ago, and I've only had time for some very random activities outside work, toil and that sort of thing. However, looks like most of the wading in the darkness of little bling is over at least for a while, and I've been happily knotting and plotting away a half an hour a day on some nights lately. There's something very endearing about knotting pearls, it's pleasantly pleasing in the same manner as tea, cucumber sandwiches and an old black-and-white film.

The film in question was Stryknine and Old Lace, a Frank Capra Halloween comedy with Gary Grant and a couple of old dotties. May I present, Stryknine on the left, Old Lace on the right.


Both are made with my ole true and tried favourite ever rope technique, ie 2A+B, 3A+B in complementary colours. It's nice and lacey and has a nice amount of air to it, so that the rope doesn't get too poncy and grannyish.

Swarovskis, fresh water pearls and silk are go as per usual procedure. Stryknine has some lovely Tabac bicones, and Old Lace Morion AB. I think I got these rather strange but lovely colours from an sale a year ago, and they may, unfortunately, be unavailable these days. I don't usually go for fancy treatments, as I don't know how to handle the over the top blinginess, but I think I got a nice balance between over-the-top and understated here.

lauantai, 5. syyskuu 2009

Give us our daily bling...

I got suckered in at one of the Helmetti monthly challenges again. The challenge was to bead with or create something untypical for you. Now, few things are more untypical for me than using seed beads. Or opaque jaspers. Or non-sterling silver coloured metal. However, when you do put these together, it can get very pretty, actually.

Daily Bling is made from coffee jasper, black seed beads and crystal rondelles just stuffed on a wire. Although not my usual style, this looks quite good accessorized with t-shirt and jeans.

keskiviikko, 2. syyskuu 2009


I do love my greens. A beading friend offered some, and I took 'em like I snatch 'em. Even though it means I have to stay up till midnight now with other obligations and deadlines. But once I got hold of these, I had a mental image, and I had to transfer it to reality.

Welcome to my Jungle Palace. 6mm Palace Green Swarovski 5000 and sterling links from Bali with just plain sterling. I love this colour, it's misty and mysterious and very, very green. Also one of the very few sets I've made lately. I don't generally do bracelets as I don't wear them often, but the necklace required one, and who am I to say no.

torstai, 13. elokuu 2009

...Just Get Me to the Church on Time!

Another wedding, another unimaginative choice of wedding gift on my part. I think very few of my friends have got something else than jewellery for the last few years. It's bracelets this time, fitting the wedding themes, which are Finnish mythology and purple. It's still ten days to the wedding, and I'm freakin' done already. I can't believe it myself, but at least my wedding gown is still less-than-half-done, so we all know it's still me here.

Here's a teaser, just in case these people win (or lose, depending on how you see it) at the Karma lottery and find my blog.


Sterling silver & amethysts. Also my first attempt at patina, which unfortunately stayed kind of spotty at places, but I thought it sort of adds to the bohemian look of the set. And I couldn't figure out how to unspottify it.

Kind of symbolic to the whole marriage business, too, I think. As long as the love is there, it's not perfection that counts, but affection, commitment and effort. Giving it some time will help.

tiistai, 4. elokuu 2009

Christmas is Coming!

I tend to be very optimistic about Christmas gifts - I've the ideas ready in July and then get the stuff done two minutes before it's time to go. This year, however, I've already (almost) completed a couple of gifts. Totally accidentally, I swear. Stuff got  stuck to other stuff permanently as I was just trying to fit them together.


Typewriter key cufflinks. No actual old typewriters were mutilated in the production of this product. Silver plated parts, polyresin cabuchons. This photo is from the phase when things got stuck but were not yet completed, as these are gifts and the receivers are very internet-savvy. Still, kind of nifty already, innit?