In any area of life, one of the greatest delights is to see oneself learning and developing, mastering new techniques and stepping beyond the familiar path. My familiar path would be colours: I love my greens. Gimme any hue from the yellowest, ickiest snot green to the darkest, wildest forest green and I can make it work in the end. I also love my colour combinations. Colours should be either harmonious, gliding gently from tone to tone., soothing and calming to the eye and spirit. Or they should be complimentary, opposing each other in the colour wheel, so that the tension between them brings out the best in both, exciting and invigorating one's soul.

I've been a wee bit bored with beading lately, and I think it's exactly because I've carved this nice and happy box regarding colours to myself. However, I'm going to take this as an opportunity to evolve my eye: as in evolution, I'm going to set no goals except for the determination to boldly go where I haven't gone before.

Done and done, here's evolution series in its first tentative steps. I've made these four necklaces during the last year or so. The model I spotted on the neck of some pretty girl one afternoon while riding the metro home from work, it was like a blast of purple rain in Swarovskis. My first attempt was all white and translucent, pretty but monochrome. The second's my beloved greens in fresh water pearls and Swarovskis. The two last, made in October and during Christmas break, are starting show some solidification of pattern alongside an evolution of colour. I guess turquoises could be seen as a natural development from greens, and I feel they are, but the oranges and peachy pink tones are something completely different. I didn't even have any clothes to match this latest invention before I let myself loose at the sales. A girl's gotta have some excuse, right?