I bought my first ever proper suit with a jacket and a skirt. It's black bouclé and fortunately not for a funeral, but for a conference. I'm attending my last pre-jobmarket conference, which means I want to make people take me seriously and remember me as a professional, so that they'll invite for a job interview next year. Scary, eh?

To lighten up my pre-conference nerves and the somber days of presentation writing, I've been creating suit-worthy jewellery.

Sriosly took almost a half an hour to make after I found a batch of ready-made links from my sterling stash. It's good to be a magpie sometimes. I'm thinking this might be a bit much though, I'm quirkier and wittier than this, and where to promote your brilliant sense of humour if not in your jewellery?

These are bit more private, they're Oomph, secret sources of positive power for me to wear under my sleeve when in need of a little extra something. Sterling silver and extreme soft-flex.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. If you can't do from Wednesday to Sunday, Saturday night between 8 and 9 pm would be awesome.