The fast is not going excellently well at the mo. Thus far, I've actually spent more green on my bling I ever have in a month or so period, amounting to some brilliantly embarrassing 250 € or thereabouts. I blame a backbone that equals a jellyfish's, clever sales at various favourite shops, lovely but expensive stuff that was not on sale which I noticed while browsing sale items and first and foremost, my eclectic tastes, which are getting more eclectic by the minute to dimensions never visited before. Oh, and the persistent cold which allows me sit and browse or sit and bead for hours on end.

However, I did go through all my treasures yesterday and decided I can choose to work with what I've got and not order any more. That lasted for less than 24 hours, as I got an envelope full of perfection and bliss from Helmiliina. Not full enough, it seems, as I had to instantly get some more of the same in a nanosecond.

I'm really trying to improve now, though. I'm making a collage of some of the lovelynesses I've been thinking of working with for a while now and placing it on my desk. Whenever I see something exciting on my monitor, I'll also see the collage. I hope that'll make me think twice.