We had a lovely wander in the island park of Seurasaari yesterday, hence I had time to make no new jewellery yesterday. But as nature has been one of my greatest inspirations regarding any activity, the time was quite well enjoyed in many senses. Well, my feet aren't very appreciative.

However, here's a double feature regarding summer weather here in the north. Unfortunately the latter has been in short supply this summer.


After rain is a middling-length rope made of green keshi, faceted clear quartz and a sterling toggle assembled in wire. It's one of my most favourite pieces ever, and some of its luster has lately been tarnished (though not permanently I hope) with sun screen.


Delight is one of the oldest and dearest briolette necklaces I have and I still wear it weekly. It's just lemon quartz on sterling chain, but it looks like permanent rays of sun on one's neck. Love it.