It's spring, it's spring! So we still have a foot of snow and minus Celcius every morning. But the birds are at it, the morning sun's at it and I can feel it in my bones, which means it's got to be. I feel like bursting out in song, but the neighbours are less appreciative of my toons than those of the magpies, crows and sparrows of the 'hood, so I burst in reckless asymmetrical seedbeading instead.

Spring Chicks is a nice wee retroish wire necklace, with pearlized pea celadon and clear chartreuse seed beads, with sterling parts and a couple of rondelles to keep the lime and gold wash pressed glass chick lentils in check.

I can't really tell what decade we're talking about, but the colours are very fun, sort of meekly bold, like Cher in her early years. I suck with asymmetrical so bad, and I'm not generally into it either. In this piece, however, the tension between asymmetry and symmetry (dare I say it) rocks like tie-dye and flowers in your hair.

Next entry: wedding prezzie.