So yesterday, I got to cleaning. I figured, weather's horrid, I'm in no position to think much, and I'm bored of slouching in front of the telly. As doing the dishes didn't sound like a happiness-enhancing business, I set out to clean my stashes.

Stashes, in this case, mean about two metallic chest of drawers from Ikea, six boxes per chest. Process went about in a very happy manner: take box out, turn upside down, swim a bit, start pulling lovelies out, admire and lurrve. After a while, sort to piles: 1) planned on, 2) inspirational, 3) useful, 4) get rid of.

Unfortunately, my get rid of pile is very very small. Whenever I found some very random and intuitively uninteresting things, put them to the said pile, and saw them jump to inspirational in five minutes tops. Beadalon's EZ-Crimp clasps are a total case point. I bought them well over a year ago, got them home, thought "Uh, I dollike'em" and buried them somewhere™. However, three minutes on that pile, and I realized they must be brilliant. Then I tried them, and they were quite decent actually.


Mardi has the toggle version, and about four strings of 4mm freshwater pearls on a Beadalon wire. And that's it, you just crimp the toggle on the string. It's a very clean look, which I think is good for a potentially messy looking multi-colour fare. Can you believe I've sat on these beads for about four years now?


Wyrm is, however, where this type of a clasp really shines. It's just granate heishi on a wire, but the clasp growing straight from the heishi makes it very stylish.

The clasp experiments were very successful on the bead and wire consumption side of things. So I made a little order yesterday. Bad Taika. Oh well, at least I'm beading, too, and using some of my fairly well-marinated treasure.