I had such a bad, bad day yesterday. It started out as a Saturday on which the weather was uninspiring and I had to catch up on work, and got progressively worse from there. At 7 pm I gave up, went for a work out. I got home still cranky, but not as wholly unenergetic as I had left there. After some very energetic cussing and complaining, I decided to give up for the day, and do something fun and exciting, which just had to be laundry. While doing laundry, though, I watched a random documentary, surfed the web and found this month's challenge in Helmetti, "Stars".

Which I used as an incentive to bathe in fun and excitement, the honest kind. So I took this idea that had lulled in my subconscious for a while, and stirred in some glam with a pinch of panache and romance.


Anastasia is the perfect star of any ensemble, really. What we have here is a luscious London blue topaz lulling on an art deco inspired cast sterling frame with some roundish silvery freshwater pearls that just ooze iridescence. The chain is made of the same pearls linked with sterling and microfaceted aquamarine rondelles.

Once I got this one done, the day ended on a very happy note, indeed.