Another wedding, another unimaginative choice of wedding gift on my part. I think very few of my friends have got something else than jewellery for the last few years. It's bracelets this time, fitting the wedding themes, which are Finnish mythology and purple. It's still ten days to the wedding, and I'm freakin' done already. I can't believe it myself, but at least my wedding gown is still less-than-half-done, so we all know it's still me here.

Here's a teaser, just in case these people win (or lose, depending on how you see it) at the Karma lottery and find my blog.


Sterling silver & amethysts. Also my first attempt at patina, which unfortunately stayed kind of spotty at places, but I thought it sort of adds to the bohemian look of the set. And I couldn't figure out how to unspottify it.

Kind of symbolic to the whole marriage business, too, I think. As long as the love is there, it's not perfection that counts, but affection, commitment and effort. Giving it some time will help.