The theme for Helmetti monthly challenge is "your favourite taste". I have so many, almost all of them including chocolate in some shape or form. And chocolate, however lovely, is not the colour du jour right now.

Going quickly through my palatoscape, I rejected a few other tastes: jasmine chocolate, Bailey's, proper cuppa tea, chinese five-spice, cardamom: I seem to have a particular taste for brown coloured foods. Jasmine tea would have been awesome, only I have a distinctive lack of pale green pearls right now. Thus I settled on my newest all-time favourites, my mother-in-law's Plum Pavlova, which had a lovely brittle and fluffy toasted almond meringue base and clouds of foamy and creamy brandied plum mousse on top.

Thus I give you Pavlova, which is my Chanelesque twist on a traditional seven-strand necklace. I put together seven different shapes and sizes of freshwater pearls from 8mm potatos to 3mm nuggets with latte AB seed beads and 0.14 soft flex wire. Putting the strand together took a bit of thinking, but then I stumbled on a method that allows gravity and entropy to rule so that the strands have no chance of falling neatly.

I'm not sure what the possible art decoish element here would be, but the eclectic mix of beads in addition to the organic unrulyness of the pearl strands has to count for something. I'll go for the tame and orderly seven-strander in a decade or two.

Oh, and here's a mugshot.