I love tricksy things, I love the magic of things that are not quite what they seem to be. Rain, while it shines; those Victorian fruit shaped sugar containers; my paperbag ceramic tablelamp, that sort of thing. It's great to be delighted.

Which is why I also love colour changing jewelry. This alexandrite crystal one's all the more fun, as it's got an intaglio of a dragon. Lots of spirit in a sizeable crystal chunk and a very nasty piece to portrait.


Trixy on sunshine. Constructed from said crystal slab, sterling, Beadalon wire, alexandrite bicone rondelles and almost round grey fresh water pearls.


Trixy in cold light.


Trixy in warm light.

Didn't I get stupendously lucky with those crystal rondelles? They match really well although they are 2/3 of the pendant's thickness, tops.
This one's going to be awesome to wear in a candle-lit dinner or any other occasion when it'll bathe in two shades of light at the same time.