I was unduly inspired by those medievalistic necklaces I made a fortnight ago and ordered supplies in sterling. Bali silver does have the look and most of their silver-smithing methods could have been excecuted in early modern Europe, so I figured they'd do well enough for even some of the SCA enthusiasts and other historical re-enacting buffs I know. And round, of course, is the most perfect form in an Aristotelian world view, so I threw a few stone beads in. Since these necklaces only hold one kind of stone each, they're not what could have been considered as medicinal at the time of d'Medicis and other Renaissance princes, but otherwise quite pretty.


Sunniva is made of 5-5.5mm citrines and sterling, whereas Wibirka is made of grandiose 8 and 6mm amethysts and sterling. I hammered the 6 and 8 mm seamless sterling round beads so as to make them blend in a bit better. It worked so well that I might take the hammer on a load of those sterling rounds in the future.