I'm a clever girl, and working on Christmas gifts. All of them. My gift list mostly consists of jewellery. Silver, beads, wrapping, the usual. I had some sort of plans for everyone, and the last two weeks I've got nice plump material shipments on the early morning mail.

Now, plans tend to not materialize sometimes. Sometimes even freshwater pearls refuse to co-operate, as unbelievable as it sounds. Sometimes it's more of a question of a good idea not quite translating to the material world as planned. Sometimes it's the presentee's mother who calls you in panic, explaining that her daughter decided to grow off of princesses and into the fairy-elfin-pixie stage of preadolescence just weeks before Christmas, when all and sundry have already planned yet another pink and sparkly prezzie for her.

Which is exactly what happened some two weeks ago. I had it all planned: the Swarovskis in no fewer than three pinkish tones and mauve and white pearls from my neverending stash. But elfins? I frantically went through all of my favourite bead haunts before I finally found some leaf shape links. Good enough, I thought, with greenish Swarovskis and white pearls, thought I, still blingy and girlish.

I was still quite on track as I got the links today. But no, they would not do bling-blingy girlish, they.

Dew Drops was my last, best attempt today. Faceted prehnite heart, clear quartz teardrops, sterling silver and then I just gave up on girly and attached the centerpiece to dark brown leather. I think it's still on the elfin side of things, and not quite gone to banshees, but perhaps more on the dryad or forest spirit style than pixie. I've got a  couple more links, I'll try again later.