I'm feeling so medieval right now. Yesterday, I woke up detecting no brain activity whatsoever in my poor head, although it felt to have had extended by at least a third inside my face. Thus, I placed myself in front of the tube, watching a selection of films claiming to have some affiliation with aforementioned period. Halfway down the film were the Australian guy yells "Freedom!" alarmingly often for a headachy head, I noticed that despite a distinguished lack of brain activity, my hands were still somewhat operational. Thus I sawed a stack of copper rings. Halfway down Robin Hood (first season) and my fifth cuppa, I felt refreshed enough to link said rings with a few beads.


Vendela I concocted from copper beads and 6 and 8 mm moss agates.


Vanamo is made in a similar vein, only with 6 and 7 mm aquamarines, and a bit of chain.

I found I wouldn't mind making a few more of these, but I don't have round beads at the proper sizes and good colours, and I'm not really allowed to shop any. Zoot. Although one of the orders from last month I just got lacked stuff, so loopholing a bit I could justify a new order... I'm trying to sit on the thought at least till next week. I'd sit on my fingers, but then, if I keep those fingers busy, I may not have to seek for loopholes. Oh ye of easily excitable natures and pithy backbones, woes to begat ye in ailment & beggary.