My husband is blessed with a school of aunties. And several of these aunties are celebrating important birthdays and anniversaries this year. The roll started with Auntie Pediatrician last week, and I got to know two days in advance of the bash, thanks to my hubby's forgetfulness. Luckily, I had just obtained some lovely 7-8mm thunder blue freshwater pearl rice, which turned into a lovely classical necklace she loved so much she put them on right away.

This week's birthday auntie is someone I've only met twice before. We were invited on Monday. And her favourite colours, not in my stash, near my stash or on their way in my stash fast enough.

Thus, she'll get this. Not sure, if she can even bear blushing mauve, and I'm not sure whether it's not an insult to give a lady 5mm pearls, but these were the best quality, best shine, surface and shape pearls I had in a tone that is likely to suit her and her wardrobe. The size would have been great for a two strand necklace, but I only had one 16" string. Maybe this will teach the rest of the lot to inform me well beforehand.

Blushing mauve is composed of 5mm blushing mauve fresh water potato pearls knotted to size D rose coloured silk and finished with vermeil findings.

Oh, and photography experiment here: I learned that even slight movements of the lamp change the colour balance dramatically. These changed from a ghostly pink to orange rose on the camera depending on the angle of the lamp in relation to the lens.